English without borders
Author: Anastasia Tkalich
On December 16, the online magazine FeedBack conducted an open lecture #KeepUp in English. The speakers told us about how photography hobby helps to adapt to life in another country, what foreigners think about Russian stereotypes, how to plan time and much more. The project #KeepUp was conducted in the format Pecha-Kucha: for each presentation was given only 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Our first speaker – the leader of the English club Magellan Hugues Leyinda from Gabon. He shared his personal experience as a visitor to Yekaterinburg. Hugues travels more as student. He arrived to Yekaterinburg in 2015. Hugues talked a lot about travelling, communicating and mixing cultures. He love Yekaterinburg but he thinks we have very cold weather in winter and very hot in summer. The funniest quote which Hugues said this evening: "Putin is a good guy!"

Hugues Leyinda
Our second speaker - Eric Maldonado is from Ecuador. He told us how he had fallen in love with Russia and it now holds a special place in his heart. Eric is a dreamer. So his dream about living in Russia became a reality. He found many new friends whilst studing here in Russia.
Eric loves sports: "Snowboarding is great"! He believes whilst learning, you should have fun. Eric also said that there are many differences between countries, but he loves them all. In Russia he believed that he can fly.

Eric Maldonado
Student of political science and history Max Heubeck is from Germany told about time management and how to find the middle between chaos and order. Max says: "You always want your life, relationships and so on to be OK". He believes that chaos may destroy everything. What's chaos? Bad marks, messy room, bad relationships and etc. What's order? Everything is arranged.
Max has created rules that make life better:
1) Speak the truth.
2) Start small, nobody stars from being a hero.
3) Small tasks build confidence.
4) Life doesn't state the same.
5) Move to order.
We struggle every time, every day. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. Max believes that friends have the best influence on people.
"- What's the most chaotic part of your life?
-I have to leave my room".

Max Heubeck
Our next speaker is Louis Marinelli from California. As the founder of the movement for California independence, he told us why he wants California to be an independent country, what it will mean for the world, and how Russia can help make this happen. Louis has lived in Russia for 15 months. He told that there has already been a "country California" for some time. Louis said that Sacramento will be the capital. He told us about two laws with which state has the right of being independent. If there is no rule to stop this, it's decision of the state. So everything is in the hands of the people. By May 2021 California may be independent with help of Russia.
"Why would we want to be independent"
- peace(we don't like American's military politics)
- elections
- immigration (we want be more welcoming)
- taxes(billions dollars leave California)
- national resources
- the environment
- healthcare
- education

Louis Marinelli
At the end of the evening Thomas Beavitt, a singer-translator from Scotland instead of the lecture played his guitar, because music is a language that everyone can understand. And it has no borders.
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