Feedback through Pakistani Eyes
Автор: Azhar Iqbal
The aim of the project is to create a web portal, which will be based on the ideas of convergent journalism and will be focused on building cross-cultural/cross national communication. The essence of this project is to create a network of youth portal, which is important for two reasons.
First, the current state of the media field is determined by the basic laws - the synergy of platforms, types of convergence of mass communication. Formation of fundamentally a media environment creates demands for flexible media business models, professional staff. The role of the latest updated approaches in media education actualizes in this context. One of the most effective approaches present practical implementation of convergent edition concept, which involving active interaction with digital-media and making it possible to combine higher education with the acquisition of new professional competences.
Second, much important is the formation of a personnel resource publications, which in the process of information production will focus on the harmonization of cross-cultural/cross national communication. This fact will contribute to the formation of an adequate content edition model, which will be based on the construction of an effective dialogue with other cultures and will be taken into account different national circumstances. To implement the idea will require: to create a resource and register it as the media; form editorial office; fifteen workshops organized by practicing journalists to the project participants. Young people will be demanded experts in the field of Quality Management System by integrating academic and applied potential portal.
Mass Media
Since this is the era of mass media, which is influenced and surrounded by its various forms around the world. Today the world is linked with mass media directly or indirectly in its globalized perspective. From children to adults and younger to old, almost everyone is connected through different tools of mass media. No one can deny this fact that media has become a part of our social, cultural, educational and professional life. Message is sent to mass audience and feedback is given through numerous ways depending on the medium and its target audience.
Going forward to this project, it is necessary to understand that what the "mass media" term means. This is a very broader term to explain at all. Many scholars tried to explain mass media with different perspective.
Nickolas Luhmann
Nickolas Luhmann describes mass media as "those institutions which make use of copying technologies to disseminate communication (2000)". Message is communicated at mass level. "Mass media refers to communication devices, which can be used to communicate and interact with a large number of audiences in different languages".
Benjamin elaborates mass media as the manifestation of the "desire of contemporary masses to bring things "closer" spatially and humanly."
Generally the term "mass media" can be understood as media is the plural form of medium through which the communication is processed and mass means at large. It means the different means of communication or different forms of media addressing the audience at large scale is called Mass Media.
Describing types of mass media we can divide it into two major types as
Conventional media
Print Media: newsapers, magazines, books, journals, booklets, pamphlet, brochures, billboards
Electronic Media: Radio, Television, VCR video cassettes, VCD and DVD player, Tape recorder and cassettes

New Media
Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile/Smart phones, Internet/ Social Media, E-Books/ Blogs

Internet (Youth Mass Media)
This is the most used and vibrant form and advanced tool of mass media now a days .We can say in modern media youngsters use this form of media more than any other tool of conventional and new media. Recent wave of smart phones, latest laptops and tablets supported with internet made this easier to access anytime at any place about anything. When we discuss internet and youth together, it straightly goes to social media and different search engines. Here we are supposed to enlighten to social media and mass media #Feedback. There are number of social media channels as Facebook, Twitter, VK, Reddit, Yahoo, Google, Viber, WhatsApp, Imo, Line, Ebuddy, We chat, Tango, Tinder,Hi5, Ovoo, Snapchat, Instagram, Say HI, Sinawiebo, Orkut, Myspace.com, LinkedIn, Scorp, Pinterest, YouTube, ask.fm, Meetup, Vine, Dailymotion, Tumblr, Google+ and Flicker etc. people used all over the world.
These are number of channels of social media where people share their messages, information, photos, videos, feelings, audios, videos, ideas, and knowledge. They can crate groups, make pages, discussion forums and events as well. Somehow, basic features can be different on every social networking channel. They can socially not only with local people as well as with international community. However, innovations are coming with the passage of time in every network.
These social networking sites and channels are being researched in academia and these areas are going to become favorite in near future. In this globalized world where digital media is playing major role to promote globalization of journalism and media. Twitter use among world leaders and politicians particularly in election campaigns and for world agenda among the subjects and masses globally.

"Political economy" and "global public sphere" and are the key terms are being used in this modern world and it's only possible due to internet and digital world. David Weaver and fellow researcher use the term "global journalist" in his book published online in 2013 and also explain the role of digital media in this globalization. This is all possible due to internet and this digital devices and conducted study in 29 countries and conducted 27000 journalists all over the world. This clearly states that is possible only on due to communication and communication at global level because of internet and these social networks. Researchers and journalists and media professionals communicate with each other on emailing and smart phones.
The worlds of journalism study also a big mile stone in this global era and Thomas Hanizich and other fellows conducted research in 66 countries and from various universities and research centers and institutes and conducted big study on globalization and journalism in 2007-11 and 2012-15 and now the third part of the study is continue and this is only possible due to communication at mass level and due to internet and digital devices.
The world is more inclining towards digitalization and in this "global village" theterm used in 1970's by Marshall and then developing this concept and now become "globalization", "modernization", "homogenization", "CNNization", "Mcdonaldization" and these concepts and key terms are used in this world of communication and even Luhman sated it "world society" because he might knew the internet impact on the world in future.
Pakistan Media Market
Pakistan has a rich history and vast industry of media from the day of its inception to today. Before the introduction of television in 1964, radio was the only tool of electronic media and rest of the media market surrounded by various institutions of print media. Pakistan's electronic and print media have been under the control of governments especially during the eras of dictatorship. It had to face many challenges to its freedom but after the latest invasion of private entertainment, sports and news TV channels situation has dramatically been changed after 2002.
Now more than hundred TV channels are working in Pakistan. Same is the case with F.M radio stations. Besides all this, print media market is also vibrant in Pakistan. A number of local and national newspapers and magazines are read in all parts of the country.
Coming towards the Internet media, we can say that youth of Pakistan is addicted in using internet especially to social networking sites. Pakistan is a country whose 70 % population is under 30. If we include all kind of mobile phones (with and without internet), we come to know about 125 million people are mobile users while total population is 180 million. Approximately 35 million internet users are there in Pakistan. These figures give a short idea to understand that how many people are involved in using internet through different devices. Specifically when we discuss about the social media market, we see that beside major search engines, users are more interested to use social networking sites mostly. Above all mentioned social networks are used but top 5 networks are as, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Pinterest. People use these networks to share their information, feelings, ideas, analysis, pictures, videos and other activities. Others give a #FeedBack to these posts or uploaded stuff. They can like or dislike and react with emotions.
As per this project, I took Facebook for my practice. Because this is number 1 networking site that is being used in Pakistan. Over 25 million users are using Facebook in the country. They can give feedback by writing their comments in the favor or as a reaction to the post. They also share others' posts or material to spread it at a mass level. In this way they prove that internet or social media is best tool of mass media, where any information can be viral within few seconds without any barrier.
Russian Media Market
Russian media have a historical background of its media which had been playing its social and national role from USSR to Post Soviet Union Era. Russian media market is an emerging market in the world. Unlike Pakistan due to developed status of Russia, their media is more vibrant and a large scale. "There are more than 83,000 active and officially registered media outlets in Russia that broadcast information in 102 languages. Of the total number of media outlets, the breakdown is as follows: magazines – 37%, newspapers – 28%, online media – 11, TV – 10%, radio – 7% and news agencies – 2%. Print media, which accounts for two thirds of all media, is predominant. Media outlets need to obtain licenses to broadcast information. Of the total number of media outlets, 63% can distribute information across Russia, 35% can broadcast abroad and 15% in the CIS region."
As it has been discussed earlier that this is the era of Internet (youth mass media), Russia is not very behind in using internet. They are one of the most internet using countries in the world. People have all kind of broadband, DSL, wireless, 3g and 4g internet connections. Almost more than 41 million internet users are there in Russia. Majority of internet users are mobile phone users. While 15% of Russians used internet daily, 54% had never used it. 49% of internet users were in Moscow - where, as in St. Petersburg, connections are faster and cheaper. Penetration rate mounted to 71% in 2014, although concentrated in the main towns.
Russians are strong users of social media, where Odnoklassniki (used by 75% of 25-35 and VK are the most popular. Live Journal has also been long popular. Yandex is the leading social network in Russia. For this project, I chose the social network of VKontakte because of youth and English speaking audience. Although this is the second largest social network in Russia but works similar to Facebook. VK is Russian based network with 370 million accounts. It is 4th most popular social network in the world. VK provides its users facilities similar to Facebook. They can share information, news, entertainment, sports activities, photos and videos. Group chats and sharing are also available here. Events can also be created and users can give their #FeedBack by liking, sharing and commenting on the uploaded stuff and different status updates by users.
Comparison b/w Pak-Russian Media
Participation in Mass Media Development
For the sake of practice to develop the concept of mass media promotion, my supervisor arranged an event with the collaboration of her students and Ural Federal University. This conference like event was arranged at the main building of Ural Federal University at Mira 19, Yekaterinburg. It was all about mass media and #Feedback. People from different walks of life were invited there to share information from various sectors, their ideas and experience with the audience. Majority of the participants were university students.

As I am a student of PR and advertising, my supervisor asked me join a group of students for this practice project. Task given to our group was to promote and advertise above mentioned event using various tools of mass media. This event was held on December 10, 2016 at 07:00 P.M in the evening. It was mandatory to use all possible ways to promote and advertise keeping in the mind at zero budget scale.
After this I had been asked to practice a pre-promotion of an international conference which is going to be held in the first week of April, 2017.Since venue and time has not been decided yet, so I was to do the same task without mentioning the time and venue but same time that was for previous Feedback conference could be used for instance. Terms and condition were also same. I had to promote this conference through the ways with zero cost.
Promotion of Mass Media #Feedback
It was my task to promote the Mass Media Feedback event by using tools of Public Relations and Advertising. Since it was mandatory to promote without spending any single penny, it was more convenient to promote this event using different social networks. As I mentioned above that there are number of social networks that are being in practice throughout the globe. I took two internationally popular social networks to do this practice. I had to target audience from Russia and Pakistan especially from English speaking sector.

I picked VK from Russia and Facebook to get feedback from Pakistan. I and my other group mates did this task individually. As for as my practice I also used Twitter, WhatsApp, Yahoo and Google mails, Viber, along with Facebook and VKontakte to promote my event. I received a miscellaneous feedback from all networks. Because VK is the second most popular social network in Russia and Facebook is most popular in Pakistan. That is why I focused on these two networks for getting other users feedback to my posts. I made pamphlets/posters on Adobe Photoshop with the title, venue, date and time of the event and posted it on these sites. Facebook and A VK group were also created to invite and discuss about the event. I also sent emails to the people who were in my contact list. Same practice was done using WhatsApp and Viber. I tweeted regarding that event on my twitter account also.
Feedback Analysis (Learning Outcomes)
During this project, I developed my understanding about mass media especially to explore the miracles of social media networks. I came to know that how social media can be fruitful in our promotions. Everyone can promote himself to countless number of mass audience throughout the world. These platforms can be used for developing Public Relations and promotional advertisements.
When I posted the posters of #Feedback event at VK, the relevant people who knew that event were interested to come and participate in the event. But those who didn't interested, they liked the post. Because I was a new user to VK and had a few of friends in my list, feedback result was not very good. In fact the text written on the pamphlets was also in Russian language to make more people interested to attend that event. Although more than 10 presentations were delivered on history, art, technology, business, and others topics. Majority of participant attended due to personal contacts and invitations.
When same promotions were tried to Facebook, few Pakistani showed their interest to know about this. May be it was language barrier to understand that what the text written on poster was actually. That's why some people liked that poster may be for its design or reading names of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and VK with each other for feedback. Some Pakistani friends asked about this by sending me text messages in Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.

I also sent mentioned poster and information to more or less 150 contacts in my mobile phone through Whatsapp. More than 100 people gave me the feedback right after sending them. They asked the purpose, venue, topic and some other questions about that. Because almost people were same to whom I sent by Whatsapp, in the case of Viber. That's why only 10 recipients replied with the similar questions. But only 3 people replied my emails.
Social media networks can be best tools for PR and advertising if we should keep in mind the interests, language and culture, top trends of audience. They will definitely give their feedback when something of their interest and easy to understand will be before their eyes. Language is a main barrier to promote something at international level. We should try to use international language or the local tongue of the specific audience. The culture and interest of audience are also important factors to catch their attention on social media.
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