Russia becomes one of the Top Favorite Destinations for International Students tremendously
Автор: Azhar Iqbal
Фото: Евгения Егорова
Russia has become one of the favorite destinations for international students tremendously. According to UNESCO, there are almost 4.1 million international students who are studying in different foreign universities. Russia became the 6th largest country hosting 282,921 international students in 2016. This is 7% of the total number of international students. This is the sign of rapid development in the field of higher education in Russia.
Russia is as education loving country as its 99.7 % population is literate.
Almost half of the Russians have higher education which one of the highest figure in the world. Why not this, a country with a population of 140 million, has 950 institutes of higher education out of which 548 are public sector and 402 are working privately. Statistics of Center for Sociological Research, Ministry of Higher Education and Science show that there are 5,209,000 students studying in higher study institutions where 4,926,079 are domestic and 282,921 are international students in Russia. 234,243 international students have been enrolled recently in public sector universities which is 83 % of total number of students, while rest of 17 % (48,678) international students were admitted in private institutions.
Although Russia is paying more attention to the field of science and technology, but doors are opened in every field of study for international students. As the world has the challenges regarding economy, science and technology along with health issues, these are the top disciplines for study in Russia.
Business and Management studies were the top disciplines where 75,684 (26.8%) foreign students applied for admission. Engineering subjects were the second top field with an enrollment of 57,270 with a percentage of 20.2 and Medical and health professional students were at 3rd position with a total number of 32,658 which is 11.5 percent of total international students in Russia.
Apart from the statistics, Russia is an interesting destination for education.
There are many factors behind this fact that Russia has made a great progress attracting international students for higher studies. There is no discrimination between domestic and foreign students in Russian universities. All the considerations and opportunities are granted equally to local and international students. The top factor behind the rapid progress of Russia to become 6th largest destination for international students is the cheaper education as compared to other top destinations. Average tuition fees and cost of living is cheaper than other top favorite countries for higher education. Diversity of culture, religion and ethnicity also attract students from other countries towards Russia.
Diversity in climate is an interesting factor in Russia depending on different areas. From moderate to extreme cold weather conditions are beauty of Russia. Russian language is the main spoken language which is widely a language of more than 200 million people in the world. But there is a wide range of bachelors, master and doctoral programs that are offered in English for international students.
Tariq Sadique
From Pakistan
Study in Russia as a foreign student is a wonderful experience, Choosing Russia for me as for study was not a bad idea. From my childhood I have a dream to study abroad to learn about different cultures and living style.
Before coming here in Russia everyone told me that Russia is very dangerous country and you need to be careful as people watched in movies but here everything is different. People are so loving and caring, they like to talk with foreigners. They want to know about other people also. As a student I am living in university hostel, so hostel life in Russia is much amazing. I have to meet every day with new friends from different countries and cultures. Hostel administration is so caring with foreign students. My teachers in university are so helpful and kind. They treat us like their children.
I am student of bachelors in linguistic studies. I have a plan to work as translator or something related to this. Studying Russian language as a foreigner was a great experience. I can never imagine that any other country is better than Russia for foreigners. You will feel better when you will be study in Russia which is very rich in culture and Technology. Study expenses are very low with good quality education. If you have desire to study and want to enjoy rich cultural life then I will recommend you to choose Russia for study. Russia will never disappoint y
Margaretha Simanjuntak
From Indonesia
I was very glad when I saw this scholarship opportunity from Russian Centre for Science and Culture (RCSC) in Jakarta. As I have always planned to spend some time abroad for my higher education, I am very happy to avail the opportunities by choosing RCSC scholarship program because I am particularly interested in spending a year at a Russian Country, and I hear a lot of news about good relationship between Indonesia – Russia in economic, military, and education for sure. And since I was interesting and my work background in accounting & Finance I believe that Master degree in Finance & economics perfectly suits my profile and future career. This scholarship gives me an opportunity and I perceive as an extraordinary opportunity to interact with students from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds coming from all over the world, indeed of Russian language skills. The weather in Russia is extremely cold in winter and until now I am still trying to handle it.
Sebastiano Antonioli
From Italy
My choice was Yekaterinburg for two primary reasons: the first is the quality of the university (I've been told about it, of course I couldn't make my own idea), the second, maybe the crucial reason, is the fascination of what I might call "real Russia". Truth be told, I've already been in Russia in the past, travelling among Moscow, St. Petersburg and other small cities, and there's no such thing as "not real Russia", as testified by the fact that even in Moscow International Airport there are very few people who can speak English. The experience of a city like Yekaterinburg attracted me none the less. Now I've been here for two months and I must say that I'm starting to understand more about some aspects of people's behavior: there are deep roots in any culture and, besides the cold temperature is that often define features of one society, there is, in my opinion, an imprint in the Russian soul that only becomes clear after a while. In simpler words, it looks to me like Russians are the exact contrary of what they appear at a first look. They seem to be cold and even rather a pathetic sometimes, but I think they just express clearly their feelings, after the seemingly cold approach, it's easy to understand how a person feels every time you talk to them. If they're happy, they smile.
Pamela Delgado Gudiño
From Ecuador
New culture, new language, new climate, a new experience always is good option. Russia is a place when you remind the simple things of the life, has a magic language in some case is like a romantic poem but first this poem has that resolved as formula mathematic. About Russian the world speak and say that Russian people are not friendly or never smile. I can say that this not true. Russian students always ask me if I need something, or help with a smile. I can say that studying in was the best decision, the university, professors are excellent, has a good program that helps all international students feel like home.Russia not is Asia, not is Europe, Russia is Russia, always study in other country open your mind but Russia Open your heart, this country has many things that say, and hear is a dream. Forget the cold, Russia has tea.
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